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500g - $8.50                       500g - $7.50

1kg - $15.00                        1kg - $13.00

3kg - $35.00

15kg - $160.00

YELLOW GUM - This honey is in glass jars (500g & 1kg)

The Yellow Gum tree us a eucalypt tree found in large areas of north & central Victoria.  This tree has a bright red flower which produces a honey which is light in colour and mild in flavour.  The tree itself is excellent for shade & shelter.

YELLOWBOX - This honey is in glass jars (500g & 1kg)

A eucalypt tree that grows widely in NSW on the slopes and tablelands of the west dividing range.  This honey was produced on farms approximately 10km west of The Beekeepers Inn.  Yellow Box flowers in December to January.

MESSMATE - This honey is in glass jars (500g & 1kg)

A eucalypt which grows on mountain slopes and on the edge of the tablelands.  The tree is fast growing and produces a medium amber honey of medium flavour, an enjoyable table honey.  This honey was produced on the Southern Tablelands.

GREY IRONBARK - This honey is in glass jars  (500g & 1kg)

This native tree which grows on the coast of NSW between Coffs Harbour & Bega.  This is known for it’s timber which is very hard and durable.  This honey is very valuable and is an excellent quality coastal honey.  The honey is light in colour with good density & excellent flavour.

NATURAL HONEY - This honey is in plastic packaging (500g, 1kg & 3kg)

This honey is a combination of different Australian Honeys. Sam the beekeeper and honey packer decides what are the finest tasting honeys and combines them to make a natural honey that is a fine blend for your table.

RIVER RED GUM (1Kg only glass jar)

A eucalypt tree found in all mainland states of Australia and has a wider natural distribution than other eucalypt tree in Australia.  River Gum is found along most of the western rivers in new south wales. it is associated with rivers, creeks and billabongs.  This honey was produced along the Lachlan River near Condobolin.  This tree is an important source of pollen and produces honey a light gold honey with a distinctive flavour.  This batch of honey is more dense than usual due to drought conditions.

CLOVER (500g only glass jar CANDIED)

Clover is typically found in NSW on the coast and Central Tablelands during early summer. It's occurrence is related to a combination of rainfall, temperature and wind conditions. The honey is light in colour, has a mild sweet flavour & aroma. It also candies very quickly. 

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